Ninja Moves To Mixer leaving Twitch.TV!

Ninja, possibly the most famous face of video games and streaming, has ditched streaming service in favor of Mixer is owned by Microsoft and has struggled to get anywhere near the viewer numbers of Twitch.

Ninja Leaves For Mixer

Since Fortnite Battle Royale exploded, Ninja has been the face of it and has grown his own brand to become one of the most recognisable video game personalities on the planet. Ninja has done streams with celebrities like Drake, pulling in hundreds of thousands of viewers and regular shows of skilled gameplay in Fortnite. He even has his own merch lineup, which includes a book, hoodies, boxers and toys.

The decision to move to had everyone surprised. Mixer is a relatively unknown platform and so for Ninja to move would have meant sacrificing a lot of his viewership. Of course, Microsoft has probably paid him a huge sum of money for the move and both parties are gambling that it will pay off.

Ninja probably hopes he can retain most of his audience (usually around 40k viewers on Twitch, and now around 10K on Mixer). But also the fact that Ninja is no longer seen as the best Fortnite player. Players like Tfue, Bugha have all started becoming popular due to their success in Fortnite World Cup. It remains to be seen whether Ninja can continue to be #1 now that he has moved to an unknown platform, is no longer at the top of the Fortnite competitive scene and is steadily losing popularity to other streamers.

Ninja likely doesn't care though. He has probably made enough money to last a lifetime and with Fortnite the game slowly dying too, he probably felt it was the right move to cash-in on his big money move.

Microsoft will be hoping to catch up and take some of Twitch's market share but they have a long way to go. Twitch is superior in many ways, including the amount of apps it has out that allows you to watch streams from any platform (including TV) and its interface and features trump anything that Mixer can currently offer. Microsoft will probably have to keep putting money on the line to entice other streamers to move to their platform.

Do you think Ninja made the right decision?

Let us know in the comments your thoughts. Would you ditch Twitch for Mixer for millions? Would you sacrifice your popularity?

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Ninja Moves To Mixer leaving Twitch.TV!


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