Mario Kart Tour is here!

Mario Kart Tour has finally arrived on mobile devices allowing anyone to play Mario Kart for free! The game brings back the classic racer that has seen versions on the Nintendo 64, DS, Wii, WiiU and the Nintendo Switch. Now it's finally available on Mobile, including iOS and Android. Players don't have to pay a penny to drop in- but can pay for the obvious microtransactions stuff like carts, cosmetics and other racing goodies.

Mario Kart Tour

To play Mario Kart tour, you will need a Nintendo account (free also) and you'll be prompted to sign into it before launching the app. The game features various modes and cups that you can unlock as you play, including collecting coins in the race that allows you to unlock/buy even more goodies. If you don't want to collect coins, you can also just buy them with real money.

The game was down for a good chunk of time when it was first released on September 26th 2019. This lead to the game recieving a lot of negative reviews in the app store- but don't be fooled by them, the game is great and runs really well on modern phones.

You can race against your friends by adding them to your friends list, which unlocks once you get past the Koopa Trooper Cup.

If you fancy investing in the game, you can pay a subscription fee for the Gold Pass, which gives you an unlocked 200CC mode, exclusive cups and other monthly goodies. It currently costs $5/month to pay for, which is quite steep considering the game has just launched. We'll have to see if they add any other content over the next year or so.

Here is a couple of tips and tricks we've picked up on over the last few days:

  • Start the race with a rocket boost by timing your start buttons
  • The item shop items seem to rotate like Fortnite, so every day there are new items for you to buy
  • You can earn coins by racing and winning cups
  • Check your controls in the settings to get more control over vehicle movement.
  • Use a controller for better support
  • You can drift in game!

If you've played the latest Mario Kart Tour game, let us know in the comments what you thought of it and whether you think the game will last. Is it better than previous editions?

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Mario Kart Tour is here!


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