Game Of Thrones Season 8 Wins Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmys!

Game Of Thrones Season 8 ended on a high as it won Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmys at this years award ceremony. It beat out the likes of Betta Call Saul, Ozark and Killing Eve. The final season left a bitter taste in the mouth for many fans as it's final episodes shocked them with poor writing and plot-driven holes.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Emmys

Game Of Thrones final episode has a rating of 4.2 on IMDB, which is the lowest in the series. In fact, all the episodes of Season 8 have the lowest ratings of the entire show. The media have portrayed the outrage being put on the fact that fans didn't like the outcome of who died, who won and who ultimately won the game of thrones. But the outrage from fans, if you did a little deeper, is more-so the fact that the final episodes had very poor writing. The final episodes have been deemed rushed- the outcomes make very little sense in the grand scheme of things because awful writing and plot holes were glossed over to get to the end. Many fans believe another 2 or 3 seasons was needed to help wrap up the show.

There was also an online petition which received over 1,000,000 signatures demanding that HBO remake the final season. The showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, have also recieved much criticism with many fans now also planning to boycott their future films and t.v. shows, which happens to include a new Star Wars film. Since the show's finale aired in April, there has been very little response from DnD about the criticism, instead they have ignored it and pretended like they can't hear any of it.

Game Of Thrones fans won't have to wait too long though until the world is back on their screens: George R.R. Martin and HBO have stated that new spin-off shows are in the works, with 2 confirmed to be getting close to having pilots being made. There shows are set thousands of years before Game Of Thrones, so you won't likely be seeing Jon Snow anytime soon.

Bad User Reviews

If you fancy being bemused by fan reactions, check out the user reviews left for the last Game Of Thrones episode to get a feeling of the outrage they felt when their favourite series took a massive L.


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