Fortnite Latest Patch Increases Stability Issues

Fortnite's latest patch: 5.40 The Getaway has been leaving some Fortnite Players reeling due to the instability issues it has introduced. The new patch itself adds a new team-based mode called The Getaway, in which players must work together to capture jewels and escape with them in hand. However, the patch also introduced new glitches and is causing quite the stir.

Fortnite Patch Issues

The most common issue is the game's "hitching issues". This is when the game appears to freeze for a nano-second, causing unsmooth gameplay and making it incredibly frustrating to play, especially if you are in a battle with another player. Many players have voiced their concerns on the sub-reddit, but no action to fix the issue has been mentioned.

Other issues include Pixaxe doing zero damage when a player is downed, which means players can't complete the battle pass challenges. There's also reports of dead-zones on Xbox And PlayStation and other issues such as loud sounds and being unable to mute player's mics.

PUBG has been known as a very unstable game and it's one of the issues that has caused it's popularity to shrink due to the sheer frustration it causes. Hopefully Epic Games will come out with a patch soon that can fix these annoying issues as soon as possible.

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Fortnite Latest Patch Increases Stability Issues


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