Fortnite Patch 10.40 is here and here comes Zone Wars!

Fortnite Patch 10.40 has arrived after what has to be a dissapointing season for Fortnite fans. Fortnite Season X introduced a ton of controversial mechanics, including adding the Mech (A giant robot that can kill anyone with little skill). Fortnite team have teased us with upcoming changes to the game for Season 11, including the addition of computer AI bots being added. Patch 10.40 also adds new changes to core gamemodes to make it better for same-skill players.

Fortnite Season X Patch 10.40

Skill Based Matchmaking Fortnite

Players will now be matched with similarly skilled players when entering Fortnite game modes. Before, all lobbies were random and you could get put in with a bunch of noobs or some of the best players in the game. Now with skill-based match making, you'll get put in lobbies with players of similar skill, so if you're really bad at the game, you'll be put in with other bad players, making the lobby more fun and rewarding. Likewise, if you're a higher skilled player, you're likely to paired with other high-skilled players, which will allow you to practise and get better.

Zone Wars

Zone wars is a creative game mode where players practise end-game mechanics. If you've ever watched competitive Fortnite, you can now play it yourself; lots of box-fighting, travelling across maps with 60 other players. Fun!

The Combine 

With the new aim skill settings introduced in this patch, Fortnite have added a new playlist for you to practise your sensitivity settings. The Combine allows players to practise and get time scores for completing it the fastest. They have also added leaderboards to see who can beat The Combine the faster.

The Bouncer Is Back

The bouncer item has been unvaulted this patch too. Now you can push and get away from situations much more easily with this trap.

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Fortnite Patch 10.40 is here and here comes Zone Wars!

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