Fifa 2020 Review

Fifa is back and it is the 2020 version of it this time- FIFA 20! Passing the ball, defending the ball, long crosses, corner kicks, penalty kicks, tricky dribbles to scoring goals, Fifa has kept us on the edge of the seat since a long long time. It is the best game to play during the long weekends with your friends and roommates. We have grown old with this game and we still love it badly, Just from the very first second when the kick-off takes place to the ninety-minute tick, this beautiful system of passing, dribbling, making runs, through balling till you score a stunner, this game is very less complex but beautifully strategic.


Fifa 2020 Review


Enough talking! Since the new FIFA game has launched, the new edition has introduced the new street football and futsal game mode- Volta, they named it. This time you don't have to go 11v11, in Volta mode, you are restricted to 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5. In this mode, you won't get that 11v11 feel and in contrast to it, it is much dynamic and fast- requires much less skill too. Thanks to AI, Volta mode has become much more dynamic and you can associate with street football easily. The added benefit of AI is that it can better than you and can react very fast. So, keep an eye on the time as it is the essence of football. There are two Volta game modes - Volta Story and Volta Tour.


Volta: Story and Tour

According to Indiashoppers Volta is something very interesting in Fifa 20 which is a successor to The Journey. While The Journey is constrained to a single newbie like Alex Hunter and his close ones, Volta helps to define your character- from appearance, height, weight, tattoos, preferred position, and foot.  In Volta Story mode, you can link up with J10 street football crew which is led by Jayzinho, a famous street soccer star. You just have to beat a team and you can recruit one of their players. Unlike Ultimate Team, Volta is not much restricted and you can make bonding with the players from different home courts.

There is also a Volta Story crossover with The Journey mode and it is ridiculous. The story is flat and plain and in a few hours, you are in the world street football championship. Volta in Fifa 20 also introduces its skills- just like you see in The Journey mode. Depending on the traits you pick from the skill tree, Volta offers styles such as passer or poacher. Also, it offers pieces of training through “Volta Skillers,” which are just the practice routines centered around dribbles, passing, and shooting. The Volta AI has problems too and if you are new to Fifa, you will get a tough time with this new mode.


Tweaks and Updates

Coming out of Volta bubble, EA has worked on the pace of the game and you can compare it to FIFA 17. The ball travels slow both in air and on the pitch, inaccuracies jumped high for passes, and the pace has also been polished. Slow defenders cannot catch up fast attackers and you get it real this time more than ever. Also, there are many tweaks here and there with the ball, with the style of play, animations have got better, assisting goals with chest, outer-foot flicks, and new touches have also made this edition better in many ways. So, the pace isn't the only thing that has changed and polished in the new FIFA edition. Defending has become much more troubling and difficult. there is a lot more in manual defending and you are more of your own while defending. If you are not good at defending, you can still rely on the “Legacy Defending”, where defenders can handle the job very well like a target missile.


Improved modes

EA has improved controls but over that, the Manager Career has also improved which was neglected for a long time. Also, this shows morale which depends on the player's attitude and performance. It affects the player and his attributes- from unhappy to very happy. It is a big change in Manager Career with press conferences, post-match interviews, and much more. 

Also, Career Mode in this edition of FIFA has given tons of molding. In Manager Career, you can choose female managers too. Career mode has now added the in-game screenshots. The new meeting environments include a night-time restaurant and a late afternoon bistro for negotiations. You can get latest free job alert updates from fresh hiring.


Final Verdict

Now that, Fifa 20 has launched with new Volta. I tell you, it looks and sounds really good. The polished pace and defensive covers make it more real- so does the player animations. The new AI system has improved the gameplay and the challenge you feel comes real. The set-piece setup has been revised and you will love them. Considering what Volta has added into this new edition of Fifa, Volta is not the best addition in many terms too. It is not as strategic it should be and brings very less skills- talking about its AI. All said, Fifa is back and you should get hands on this game as early as possible.

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Fifa 2020 Review


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