BOTS are coming to Fortnite!

Fortnite have just announced that the upcoming Season 11 will include Bot Players in regular lobbies. Season 11 is just around the corner, expecting to drop within the next two weeks and concludes what has been a miserable Season X for players after Epic Games introduced a number of controversial mechanics: The BRUTE mech being one of them.

Fortnite Bots Are Coming!

Fortnite Season 11 will have bots it has been confirmed. A bot is an A.I controlled player that will be added to normal hundred-player lobbies in the Battle Royale game. A BOT's difficulty usually makes them easier to kill due to their mechanics being programmed which makes them predictable in a fight, but Epic may have managed to program well-trained Bots that can put up a fight. Depending on how much effort and time has been put into Bots, will we likely see Bots in build battles? Will we see them cranking out 90s? Many are skepticle about how good these Bots will be; being able to build is going to be a challenging component for Epic to program due to the difficultly of the mechanics that require a lot of game knowledge.

Epic have also stated that bots will only fill lobbies for new players/bad players. As you get better in Fortnite, you'll see less and less bots in game. They are designed to help you learn Fortnite Battle Royale and with the most recent changes to Fortnite Match Making system, this will add another layer to making Fortnite a gamer-friendly environment for new players.

The match-making system in Fortnite has already undergone so drastic changes: Skill Based match making is now implemented. This means that the lobbies you are put in Fortnite will contain players that are similarly skilled as you- if you're a bad player and only get one or two kills per game, you'll be put in lobbies with other players of similar skill, meaning it'll be easier to get the victory royale. The problem this leads to is reverse-boosting, which is when a player kills themselves over and over again in order to get into a bad lobby of newbie players. Whether Epic will do anything about this remains to be seen.

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BOTS are coming to Fortnite!


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