7 Ways Robots Can Improve Your Life

We live in a world where machines have become a significant part of the human reality for quite a long time. That future is not very far where robots will be everywhere.


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We have all witnessed the great Industrial Revolution where humans were replaced by automated machines or robots. Since then, the introduction to robotics has become much more advanced and autonomous and an integral part of our life.

Robots for the home have made our life easier in a mutual way because its omnipresent technology helps in achieving a zero percent of human error in association with absolute precision work. We can already find robots been used for the production of the car, underwater and for space exploration and now it can be used for other household purposes too.

So, take a look at the list of 7 Robots for the home that are available now and can be utilized to make your life easy and hassle-free.

7 most interesting robots that you must know: 

1. MiP Robot

This is one of the latest most ground-breaking domestic robots that can respond to any hand signals and can also move from one place to the other. So it is probably the best omestic help'. The best part of using MiP is it can perceive its own sound as well as other sounds in its environment. This robot looks really cute with a glossy finish in addition to other human features like a blue eye band, two working limbs and a dual wheel that works like legs to carry out the tasks given.  

2. Meccano MeccaNoid G15

This is the best version of personal Robots for the home that anyone can have. It is one of the top-ranked and most demanded robots in the market. It normally comes as a robotic kit that is well-equipped and looks like a traditional four-limbed humanoid robot. This robot can be programmed with 3 alternative languages. It has 1000 words inbuilt in it in the form of vocabulary, dance, exercises and martial art. It can essentially be controlled via Meccano app that can be downloaded in both iOS and Android device.

3. OWI Robotic Arm Edge

This robot arm is designed to introduce its owner to the world of robotic technology via its one-dimensional assembling process. So from the name itself, it is clear enough that it can efficiently pick up an object from one place and move it according to the user's guide. This robot is generally equipped with five spotting motors and joints with their respective degrees of freedom with a wrist motion of 120 degrees, elbow at 300 degrees, thus boosting up its working efficiency.  

4. Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This is the other finest Robots for the home that makes cat lovers life much easier. This is a Litter cleaning robot platform which has got a huge litter chamber that adjusts with the cat sensor and has the ability to accommodate all the cats in one place. The best part of the Litter-Robot is after seven minutes of a cat using it; it drops all the waste in a receptacle drawer making it easy for disposal. 

5. Solar-Breeze NX Intelligent Solar Robot Pool Skimmer

Another smart robot that helps in cleaning a pool easily. A person with a pool in their garden knows how difficult it is to deal with all the dust, leaves, debris and pollens falling in the pool. This advanced robotic technology helps in removing all the dirt and dust from the pool surface much before the leaves and debris get contaminated with other bacteria. This consumes free solar energy to work, hence it can be used unplugged without any cords or hoses making it a hassle-free pool cleaning day. 

6. Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Another really cool domestic robot is this vacuum cleaner that utilizes a laser-guided technology to scan the room and plan the best way to clean. So it automatically moves within the rooms, provided the house has a stable wi-fi connection and also a Neato app. This has been voted ad the best vacuum robots that makes life simple and clean. 

7. Smart feeder Automatic Smart Pet Feeder

The last but indeed the most useful Robots for the home that is for your furry friends. Yes, like any other robotic technologies it can also be controlled from a mobile to maximize the ease of use. The user is usually notified about all the updates about your pet’s feeding schedule and eating habits. Its artificial intelligence allows measures the portion of food that your pet might need depending on their age, weight, and activity.

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7 Ways Robots Can Improve Your Life


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