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This is Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer


With the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta coming in the beginning of October, and news of the Takodana map coming to Galactic Assault mode, EA has released a new trailer for the game that showcases maps, modes, and a bunch of new details about single-player and multiplayer.

Star Wars Battlefront II launches November 17, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Skip the Energy Drink and Have a Catalyst Mint Instead

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Many gamers have a routine that they follow in preparation of their gaming session. For example, upon waking up from a good night’s rest, a gamer may wash up, get a bite to eat, and reach for that can of their favorite energy drink to get the caffeine they need to fully enjoy the gaming experience that is about to happen. Another gamer may have just finished an 8 hour raid, with an ample supply of drinks and snacks, and now isn’t looking for more drinks or snacks, but could use an energy boost to finish out their activities for the night. While either gamer may choose their own nutritional intake of preference, it’s pretty easy to assume that neither would have normally thought of taking a mint to get what they need to revitalize their individual gaming performances.

These aren’t just breath mints purchased from your favorite grocery or drug store. Instead, Catalyst Mints are specially formulated to increase focus and energy without the need for large amounts of sugar. Just looking at the nutrition facts, for example, your average energy drink may contain over 100 calories, around 30 grams of sugar, and roughly 70 mg of caffeine. A Catalyst Mint is sugar free, has 0 calories, and each contain approximately 30 mg of caffeine. Take the recommended serving size of 2 mints, and you nearly have the same amount of caffeine as one energy drink, sans the sugar and calories.

Look a little further, and you’ll notice Catalyst Mints do contain Taurine, a supplement also found in many energy drinks, but one that when combined with caffeine, some studies suggest improve athletic and mental performance, as well as exercise capacity. Not only that, but the mints also have a special blend of Siberian Eleuthero Root, which is basically a natural supplement from the widely known ginseng family of herbs thought to improve stamina and overall health.

Who knew a simple mint could provide an advantage greater than better breath! Of course, if you want more information, Catalyst Mints provides a pretty informational FAQ on their site at https://www.catalystmints.com/learn. For those gamers looking for a sponsorship, Catalyst Mints also has an application on their site, as well as a store to purchase their products and apparel directly. Oh, and T-Pain, yeah that T-Pain, has a video review of their product on Twitter.

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